Friday, March 18, 2011

Becometh As A Child, For Of Such Are The Kingdom Of God

   Today Elder Kato and I were invited to come to a primary activity for the branch. It was GREAT!! I realized while we were there that I really do miss primary. In case you're not sure of what that is, Primary is the Sunday School class for the kids from age 4 to about 12. Primary is so cool because while the kids are in these classes, they learn about our Savior Jesus Christ. They sing songs, read stories, and have little lessons and activities specifically designed to help their young minds learn of The Savior.

    While we were at this activity, I was thinking alot about what Jesus says about becoming as a little child... Obviously, we are not all supposed to wander around the playground and eat dirt like a small child would, but Christ is telling us that we are to become as the children are and to be loving to all we come in contact with. We are to be innocent, just as the little ones are. We are to trust our Father in Heaven just as we trust our parents here; and in turn, how our children will and do trust us. It's really quite amazing that we are commanded to revert back to this state of love and innocence. I, personally, am especially amazed when Christ says that (speaking of the children) "of such are the kingdom of God".

     That's the reason for the scripture of the day. Watching the kids today at the park; how they talked, how they played with each other, just their innocent state and how happy they all were, reminded me of what Christ has asked us to become and emulate. God Bless You All!!

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  1. As we mature we sometimes lose the ability to love unconditionally because of our life's experiences. We have to be reminded that children have this ability and that we too need to dig deep to love unconditionally like our Savior did. I love that children have this and that as we watch them and ask for this ability we too can become like them. It is a very important attribute that is necessary for us too. We love reading your blog and feeling of your experiences. Mom