Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thank You!!!

   Wow... I am a SLACKER!! I'm sorry y'all, it's been a few days since I've posted anything new here... But hopefully I'll make it up to y'all with an AWESOME post today!... Well, hopefully. :) For the past few days I've been really thinking about gratitude and giving appropriate thanks. This idea of saying thank you to each other in some places seems so natural and in others it feels so difficult and uncomfortable. But I think giving a recognition to one another and to God for what we receive is VERY important.

    In the Old Testament, the Children of Israel, in the Law of Moses, were given as a commandment, to make specific offerings and sacrifices. Some of these offerings had the sole purpose of giving thanks to God. Many times throughout the Old Testament, after a miracle was performed or when the people attributed a great success to God, they would of their own free will, offer sacrifices as a token of gratitude for what God had done for them. I think it's really interesting... What can we do to show God our gratitude? Have we shown God that we are thankful for what he has done for us?... Just a few questions to think about.. and perhaps comment on?

   Another story of gratitude that sticks out in my mind is found in the New Testament. (Luke 17: 12-19) When Jesus healed the 10 lepers, only 1 of them returned to thank him. Thinking about this, yes being healed is a great thing, but it meant SOOOO much more than just being healed! At that time leprosy was almost untreatable. There wasn't a whole lot that the people could do for you if you were a leper. Having leprosy basically meant that your life was OVER. You couldn't really work, you couldn't go in the towns, and pretty much the only people who would associate with you were other lepers... who, coincidentally, also were at a HUGE social and economical disadvantage. You were the outcast and there wasn't anything anyone could do about is. When Jesus healed these men, he gave them their LIVES back. They were now able to do everything that they needed in order to be a part of society again.

   Keeping this in mind, why would only one person come to Christ and show him that gratitude? Would we ourselves be the one to return and thank Him? I think we all say we would, but in today's world, I've seen that showing others our gratitude has become less and less common.

   Applying the story to us, I'd like to ask a few questions and invite ANYONE and EVERYONE to leave a comment! How often do we show our gratitude to those around us? Why do we do it? Why don't we do it? Who do you feel that we should thank? Is there someone that you need to thank in your own life? If so, I encourage you to do so!

   Going along with my own invitation, (I'm not really going to invite anyone to do anything that I myself am not willing to do) I would like to thank a few people... I'm not going to name very many by name, just because I know that if I do I'll FOR SURE miss a lot and I don't want anyone to feel left out. First, I would like to thank all the friends I have made on my mission. All the people who have shown their love, their support, and done so much for me; I sincerely thank you. Next, I would like to thank my parents. Mom and Dad, thank you for sticking with me. I know I was NEVER the easiest child to raise, and I'm sorry for all the struggles, and the hurt that I put y'all through. But really thank you for all that you two have done for me. I'm eternally grateful. Lastly, I would like to thank Jesus Christ. I'd like to thank him for spiritually healing me. I know that Christ has suffered all things for me. I know that He has made it possible for all my sins to be forgiven and for my burdens to be made light.  I know that He made it possible for all mankind to be raised from the dead and to receive His Father's kingdom. I am eternally indebted to Him.

   I would ask y'all to please leave a comment showing your gratitude to someone in your life or a short story of how someone's thanks has helped you personally. Thanks y'all for reading this! Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL day, and I hope y'all enjoyed this post. God Bless Y'all!


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  1. What great comments, gratitude is such a simple concept, yet sometimes it so easy to lose track of where we need to be. And that is humble and grateful for all we have been given. I too am thankful for our Savior and the sacrifices that He has made in my behalf. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that is there to listen to us whenever we speak out. I too have felt His loving arms around me, but most often our prayers are answered and our needs our met by someone else. Someone who has been prompted in our behalf. I want to thank a dear friend who listened one day and was there for me. Who visited with me at one of the darkest moments of my life, who never judged, but supported. She is a wonderful example of all that is good. Thanks Sue.
    Elder Barnhart thank you for your comments. Love, Marianne