Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some Ideas... Any Thoughts?

   So my companion, Elder Kato, came up with an AWESOME idea last night! He had the cool thought that sometimes when we're posting up on our blogs that we don't really feel "real".. So, he and I are going to try to start posting an occasional video! Instead of posting a written summary of the day and what we did that day in our missionary work, we would actually show y'all!... Kind of... We're still working on the details for that but, I think it's definitely something worth looking into.

    Last night, Elder Kato and I had a GREAT discussion with some of the members at dinner. We talked alot about judgement. Mostly how we as people judge one another. Jesus told the world in His sermon on the mount, "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." (matt. 7: 1-2) Judging each other is extremely harmful. It not only harms the feelings of those we judge, but in turn, we also put ourselves in front of the great stumbling block of pride.

    We also talked about Christ and His atonement.. The scripture of the day (numbers 21: 7-8) might seem a little strange, but I think it is a REALLY cool scripture. When the Children of Israel were wandering in the wilderness after leaving Egypt, we are told that fiery serpents came to them and bit them. People were dying so they inquired of Moses of how God would help them. This is what Moses is told to do. I think it's really cool because it is an allusion to Jesus Christ being lifted up on the cross. With Christ being lifted up on the cross, as we see His sacrifice, and turn ourselves toward Him, He can heal us of all our pains, weaknesses, afflictions, trials, and everything we suffer. Just as the Children of Israel were healed, so can we also be healed.

    Tonight we're going to have dinner with our Elder's quorum president! That'll be great! Then we're seeing our baptismal dates! :) I'm excited for that! Please pray for them! Thank you all for your prayers! As always, please, please, PLEASE leave me any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, constructive critisims, ect. I'm looking any kind of feed back as to how I can make this better! Tell your friends to check it out too! I'm looking for any and all suggestions on how make this blog to the best of my ability! Thank Y'all for your love and support! God Bless Y'all!!

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