Wednesday, March 9, 2011


    Me and my companion, Elder Kato, are coming to the sad realization that there literally is NOT enough time in the day! Each day that passes by I have to seriously stop and ask myself, what did I do today? I feel like the whole day has just slipped by us and we have almost nothing to show for it! Now, realize that yes, in fact we do have evidence of our labors, but honestly, I just feel like there is so much more we could be doing... if we only had a few more hours in a day. But I digress; the time that we do have is so important! We have an AWESOME opportunity to teach God's children the Gospel! Today, we had a meeting with some of the missionaries here in the Nashville area. We actually just got out of it about half an hour ago. So we've planned on working here on the computers for a while and after this we're going to go have dinner with some of the sweet members in the branch.
     Today in our meeting we talked alot about sacrifice. Sacrifice is a very interesting subject. If a sacrifice isn't difficult, then it is NOT true sacrifice. I've been thinking alot about the sacrifices that we as missionaries make compared to the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made for each and every one of us... Christ had it MUCH worse than we do. Not only did Jesus die for us, but He also LIVED for us... Every day of His life He was perfect. I think that anyone can say they would die for another, but to truely LIVE for someone is much more difficult... It is much longer and requires much more dedication and perserverence... Thinking about this makes me feel so much more love and gratitude to our Savior. What more can we sacrifice for our Savior? What more can we do for Him? Just some questions that have been on my mind.

     Please!! Feel free to leave me questions, comments, concerens, complaints, and any constructive criticism... I hope that y'all are having a blessed day! May God watch over you all!

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  1. Hey my favorite brat.....this family misses you!!!! We hope you are doing good and are being taken care of down there!!! Haven't heard from you in forever!! We moved, but all is good. Glad to see you and your new comp are doing great work out there!!!!
    Miss you over here though
    Hoke Family