Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soooo What's Next?

   Today was transfer meeting... For all of y'all who don't exactly know what that is, it's when we are either moved from the area we're at into a new one with a new companion, or we lose the companion we've been with and get a new one. Today, my companion Elder Kato has actually left. He's moved on to bigger and better things. I'm still here in the Cumberland branch in East Nashville. So now I'm partnered up with Elder Hyde. Elder Hyde is from Idaho. He's a good guy. I think he's been on his mission for about 4 or 5 months now...

   I don't really know what to say now... I'm kind of at a loss of words. Everytime I get paired up with a new person, I go through this phase where I'm almost not exactly myself.. I kind of don't know how to function. It's almost like a part of me is gone. It's weird. What I think it is, is that I'm with a person for a while and I get to know them and I get along with them, and when we get switched, it's almost like I glitch. I have to almost re-boot. I feel like there is an adjusting period.. But I'm not for sure if that is what it is or not... Leave me a comment and tell me what you think it is! Anyone and Everyone! Please! Its almost a struggle or a trial of some sort.. Please help me out with this!


  1. One thing in life that is constant.......and that is change. Change is a glass half empty/full scenario. We can choose to dwell on what we are leaving behind and feel sad about it, or we can embrace with enthusiasm the newness of the adventure ahead. Yes, change can sometimes be hard, but when we focus our minds on the positives and tell ourselves how great it is going to be.....is usually is. Be grateful for the experiences you have had with Elder Kato, and be positive about what you can learn with your new companion. Learn what the Lord wants you to learn from each change in your life, and make your life a continuous path of positive growth and progression to become more like Him.

  2. I think it's a learning/growing opportunity for you. We can sometimes have a hard time adjusting because we get comfortable and familiar with the things or people around us. Change is a part of life...it sucks sometimes, but we all have to deal with it. Maybe God is trying to help you get to the point to where you are just you all the time, so when someone or something new is introduced into your life, there is no longer an adjustment period. Maybe in your future there may be a lot of changes so He is preparing you now to be able to roll with the punches...I'm not a psychic or anything, I've just seen it in my own life.

  3. Hey Jake! Just saying hi and I think it's great you're doing this.