Friday, March 4, 2011

Just another day...

The past couple days have been so busy I've barely had time to think! Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment to get a shot... I hate NEEDLES!!! So while I was there I was CONSTANTLY praying for help!! Yes, thanks to the goodness of God, I was able to get my shot and survive because of His help.. Really, I'm deathly terrified of needles.

Then today me and my companion had an awesome lesson with a part member family we're teaching. We had planned to teach the whole Plan of Salvation, which answers the questions "where did we come from?", "what are we supposed to do here?", and "what happens when I die" or "where do we go after this life". It's one of my favorite lessons to teach actually. Alot of people can't answer these questions, that's why it's my favorite lesson to teach! Because of the restoration of Christ's church and His gospel, we CAN answer them!! But, we were only able to teach half of it today, they had some really good questions and alot of great insight. So we're going to plan on teaching the rest of it next time!

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  1. Elder Barnhart, this is way cool! I think its sweet how you have a scripture for the day and a link to keep it up buddy!